Children participating in The Bush Tucker Forest School sessions will develop a selection of the following skills:

Knowledge of the world exploring the Forest School site through the changing seasons

Collaboration with peers through activities such as den making/rope swing making

Fine and gross motor skills through tool use and knots and climbing and exploring

Helping children through transition from nursery to school/infant to junior/primary to secondary by working in conjunction with the next phase of the education provider 

Expression of creativity in a free and natural environment

Risk taking in a safe environment from activities such as tool work, tree climbing, rope swings and fire lighting

Build on positive relationships with their peers and adults in a different environment

Speaking, listening and developing a new vocabulary in a relaxed, informal situation

Increased self-confidence and self-esteem

Explore boundary activities

Social and emotional activities

Activities to develop senses - Listening, Smell and Touch

Builds confidence

Develop a better understanding of areas within the national curriculum such as Maths, Geography and Science through structured sessions